Updates from the Ubuntu Engineering teams

With UDS just around the corner (11-13 March 2014, 2pm-8pm UTC) we wanted to give you a quick update where things stand in the 14.04 cycle.

The teams have been busy working towards the goals for the 14.04 cycle, with a focus on the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release, the App Developer Program and of course Ubuntu for Phones. There are a lot of moving parts and we wanted to share our progress with you. Due to the large amount of information that is coming out of the engineering teams, we are providing a video for each area that we track to allow you to focus on the topic you care most about.

Regardless if you are running Trusty Tahr, the Ubuntu 14.04 release which is under development right now, or Ubuntu on Phones, the mind blowing version that is running on phones and soon on tablets, you will experience an enormous level of quality in either version. I have been running Trusty on my laptop from the very beginning and have not had any major downtime. Ubuntu is also powering my phone as well and while some of the features I am using on other platforms are missing, I can rely on the phone to provide me the features that have already landed. This is the outcome of the hard work of many people in the Ubuntu community and I want to extend my appreciation to everyone that is contributing.

Going forward, we intent to provide this level of updates every quarter, so stay tuned for updates around end of April. A big hand goes to Leann who was most helpful in editing all the videos!

If you want to get involved or have questions feel free to grab the respective Engineering Manager on the Ubuntu team or ping me and we’ll get you covered.


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Applications & App Developers

 Ubuntu for Phones