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Synolocker – damage control

What happened…

I am doing the walk of shame… I have spent my whole career in Linux OSs and yet I was too convenient (read: lazy) to take appropriate measures to protect a Linux based, internet connected storage device accordingly and appropriately caught the Synolocker ransomware onto my Synology DS213j.

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Deleting groups in Google Contacts

Over the years my contacts in Google Contacts got garbled with junk from some applications that added hundreds of contact groups. While it doesn’t really have a big impact on accessing the contacts on my phone it still bugged the neat freak in me and I wanted to eventually ™ get it fixed. Today was the day, finally…

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Running Mir

The documentation for Mir is growing and we also have instructions out how to get Mir running on your computer, I wanted to briefly summarize the necessary steps to get Mir up and running and how to go back.

Please be warned that while I tried to carefully document all necessary steps you might end up with a system that doesn’t function as expected and which will require further intervention, a reinstall or might even suffer data loss (most likely during the OS reinstall;). Also, don’t use Mir on a production or public system, as there is at least one security related bug.

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Multitouch in Precise Pangolin 12.04

With the release of 12.04 coming up I finally get to look closer at the multitouch capabilities that Chase and his team are providing.

While it was somewhat painful to enable the Magic Trackpad which I had acquired for this purpose (“…honey, this is for work…”) on my laptop (pre-beta1 status), hooking it up with my up to date desktop (as of 2012-03-16) was as easy as pie. Simply activate BT, discover devices, turn on the Trackpad (unpair it from it’s previous connection) and the BT wizard comes up – quite nifty. Continue reading