Preparing for UDS May 2013


The second iteration of our virtual UDS is coming up tomorrow 5/14 and will go until Thursday 5/16, running from 1400 UTC to 2000 UTC.

Out of all theĀ proposed sessions I wanted to highlight the ones relevant to Unity & friends:

I am getting excited to get Unity 7.x defined for 13.10 and talk about what Unity 8 will look like in 13.10 and forward. Make sure to meet the team and myself in these sessions or simply ping me on IRC (olli on freenode) if you want to chat about Unity & Mir.

A quick clarification: there have been a lot of names floating around for Unity, Unity Next, Unity 3d, 2D, Unity Nux, Unity QML etc.
13.04 is shipping Unity 7.0.0, 13.10 will be shipping Unity 7.x for the Nux based implementation. Unity 8.x and beyond will be dedicated to the QML based version.