Another thesis

October 30, 2008

I have started the evaluation for my next thesis on my Master of Software Engineering class.

Chris and I were talking for a long time to integrate more QA into the openSUSE build service. After some thoughts and talks with Adrian & Klaas, I decided to pick this as a topic for my next thesis.

here is the description I will be handing in to my Professor

“Design and Integration of Quality Services into the openSUSE Build Service”

The openSUSE Build Service (BS) is a distributed system provided by Novell. It allows anybody to build his software packages for a variety of target hard- and software platforms, such as e.g. IA32 & EM64T processor platforms and various Linux distributions (openSUSE, fedora, …) and MS Windows.

The software building process through BS is fully automated and encapsulated. All necessary processes are executed in dedicated Virtual Machines that are created on demand and deleted when finished.

This level of automation allows for an integrated Quality Assurance system. Every major step of the whole process (compile, packaging, install) can be exploited to perform a defined set of tests. The further execution of the build process should be controlled by the outcome of the individual tests at the corresponding stages.

The objective of the thesis is

  • to identify what kind of tests (unit, functional, performance, …) can be applied during the different stages of the process
  • to define a common/generic description format (e.g. in XML) for the tests that will be executed (=>test description)
  • to define an abstraction layer which allows for executing any arbitrary executable that is considered as a test (=>test framework)
  • to define simplistic capabilities for the test execution that allow conditional runs, iterations, dependencies between tests (=>test control)
  • to define a method to analyze the results (=>test analysis)

and to have all of it integrated into the BS.

Stay tuned for updates – ETA for this thesis is mid 2009

Talk at BUPT

June 24, 2008

My friend Coly invited me to give an introduction about opensource QA at his University. Read the full article here

The presentation is available here

It is done!!!

March 25, 2004

6 months of hard and relentless work are done!

Design and Implementation of an automated test frame work for Qt-based graphical Applications

My thesis describes a possible extension to Qt that allows to record and playback user events. But it is more than just a simple event recorder but it allows to set checkpoints at any step in the workflow to check certain attributes of the application GUI.

Folks, that’s not all! It also talks XML over TCP/IP (simple homegrown XMLRPC) that allows you to use the framework in a network environment. This can be useful for distributed testing.

Finally, I have added some perl module that is wrapping simple commands into XML and interfers with your application.

The paper (german only, sorry) is available here, code can be found here.