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Canonical is hiring and I am looking for 4 roles in my teams:

Software Engineer – Unity APIs – join Thomas Strehl’s team and produce APIs everybody wants to use. In this role you will be working on the inner guts of Unity, all the relevant services that drive the Unity UI. The spectrum ranges from indicator services to the Dash, our various affiliate lenses and smart scopes. Your work will be powering all Ubuntu platforms, phones, tablet and desktop hardware. You will be working closely with other teams in the Ubuntu community and within Canonical (e.g. Big Data). You should have a good understanding of solid, scalable & performant API design, be a pro in C++, know your software patterns and understand Qt/QML in and out.

Software Engineer – Unity UI – oh what a fun team. Led by the never tired Saviq, this team is currently keeping busy to implement Unity in Qt/QML. If you have an eye for slick UI design, an addiction for outstanding UX and have fun playing with the latest mobile gadgets then this position might be for you. Your work will immediately be available to a broad range of users as part of the Ubuntu Touch daily builds – being spot on to the spec and design is something you manage easily, every day, no problem (no pressure either 😉 This position obviously calls for a solid  understanding of Qt/QML.

Quality Engineer – Unity UI – we don’t do Quality Assurance (well, we do, but not in this position), we do Quality Engineering. This position is often referred to as Software Engineer in Test, but we like the term “Quality Engineers” – just for the ambiguity. In this position you will assist the Unity UI engineering teams in driving quality right when code is written. You will help set quality standards, starting at coding standards, define merge and review processes, provide the team of Software Engineers with stubs for new tests they will implement and overall be the Quality hero of that team. The position requires a very seasoned Software Engineer who can influence the team and motivate them to push the quality bar higher, every day. You are fluent in C/C++, know your Qt/QML, have fun yelling at Mr. Jenkins and have a good analytical understanding of what’s going on in the team.

Software Engineer – Display Server – besides of all the other exciting things that are going on in Ubuntu-world, this is a one of a kind opportunity. Join the Mir team and be part of a major technology change. The team is set to provide an alternative to – an opportunity and challenge at the same time (they always go hand in hand anyways;). An undertaking like that requires the finest software engineers, trying to replace a 30y old & mature technology in a short amount of time does not give much room to err. Understanding window management strategies and implementations in other operating systems across various hardware platforms is a big plus. You should be very familiar with TDD and C++ is at the very heart of your engineering skills.

Feel free to ping me if you have questions, you can reach me at or olli on freenode. Looking forward to soon have you onboard.

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    will email you.
    one thing not really clear from the post and since have no idea how canonical is really run. is this a FT or PT volunteer positions?