Being edgy

edg·y (/ˈejē/) – creatively challenging, of bold or provocative quality

Welcome Ubuntu Edge – Canonical is starting a campaign on Indiegogo to crowdfund our vision of future mobile computing. The goal of $32M is bold, the approach of working through crowdfunding provocative.

Teams have been working on an industrial design of how we envision the future of mobile computing, putting our vision, our thoughts and dreams into a compelling design. Producing an own design allows us to be independent of the roadmaps and HW specs of traditional phone manufacturers and to push beyond the limits of local markets and operators where lots of factors (e.g. minimum volume, positioning) make it hard for a new star to shine. Putting the design onto Indiegogo allows us to benchmark against the actual interest of a large number of people.

Now, does this mean Canonical moves into the business of doing HW? Nope, Software is what we do and software is what we are good at, let’s leave Hardware to partners that understand that trade. For that reason we have partnered with a manufacturer to get guidance in the design process and this partner will be responsible for the actual production of the device.

Check out more video coverage on youtube and stay tuned for more updates.
  • charleswei

    amazing thing happen!:)